The Austrian Federation of Independent Loss Adjusters, A.F.I.L.A., is a union of autonomous and nonpartisan assessors. 

As loss adjusters, we support insurance companies and their clients in loss assessment and rebuilding and advise policy holders in risk avoidance. We work independently and impartially, our fee is unrelated to the amount of the loss. The experts of A.F.I.L.A. are the connecting link between insurers and the insured. 

As a member of the European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts (FUEDI) the maintenance of high standards of professional conduct and competence is of primary importance for us. 

Profession Rules for A.F.I.L.A. experts: 

1. Experts have to perform their profession independently, conscientiously, discreetly 
    and are directly responsible. On performing their profession, they have to act 
2. The experts are to refrain from performing activities, which are incompatible with 
    their profession and the reputation of their profession. They have to be aware of 
    the unique obligation and responsibilities resulting from the fact, that they are 
    engaged as experts. In addition they should be aware of their non-professional 
3. An expert can perform the profession independently or as an instruction-free 
    employee of a company solely on delivering an expertise. Employees, who 
    are not A.F.I.L.A. experts, are subject to the A.F.I.L.A experts.
4. Experts have to neglect activities, if the respective tasks are contrary to their 
    duties or if the experts themselves might be biased on executing the order.
5. Experts solely take over such orders for which they possess appropriate skills and 
    have a proper experience. In addition experts must be in a position to provide the 
    required equipment and qualified staff. Experts are looking for solutions, which 
    come up to scientific findings and meet with the requirement of an efficient 
    execution of the order.
6. The expert charges fees, which are characterised by a proper relation to the kind 
    and extent of their service and which take risk and responsibility into 
    consideration. On charging the fees experts have to take appropriate and standard 
    fees into account.
7. AFILA experts are committed to a collegial behaviour.
8. AFILA experts inform their staff about the profession rules appropriately. The 
    experts oblige the staff to observe the profession rules.
9. Any offence against the duties and rules are reproved and, if necessary, sanctioned 
    by the board of management on the occasion of the annual general meeting.
10. The above-mentioned profession rules were accepted and recognised as binding 
    by the formation members. New members are committed to accept these

    profession rules.